The Research in Undergraduate Science and Mathematics Education group explores issues related to science/mathematics education at the undergraduate level. Members of this group take an empirical approach (basic and applied) to investigate teaching and learning that is informed by an expert understanding of science/mathematics knowledge and practice. Members of the group address the complex problems investigated using a variety of interdisciplinary techniques to ultimately understand how students learn disciplinary ideas or how institutional structures and conditions facilitate broad implementation of research-based best practices.

Faculty Who Specialize In This Research

  • Associate Dean for Student Success and Community Engagement and Professor of Mathematics Education
    (470) 578-2492
    CL 3033

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  • Assistant Chair of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry and Graduate Coordinator and Associate Professor of Chemistry Education
    (470) 578-6278
    SC 410

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  • Associate Professor of Mathematics
    (470) 578-7421
    D 202

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  • Executive Director of Curriculum Development and Associate Professor of Chemistry Education
    (470) 578-3677
    KH 3445

  • Professor of Chemistry
    (470) 578-6281
    SC 434

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  • Part-Time Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education
    (470) 578-7235
    D 121

  • Associate Dean of Academic Affairs for College of Science and Mathematics and Professor of Biology
    (470) 578-6168
    SL 5012

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  • Professor of Mathematics
    (470) 578-7371
    D 212

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  • Associate Chair of the Department of Mathematics and Professor of Mathematics Education
    (470) 578-6376
    MS 244

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