Certificate in Intelligence and Homeland Security

If you’re looking for a program that will arm you with the knowledge of the politics of major governments around the world, so that you may be a more informed and empowered global citizen that can foster connections with other cultures and protect your own country, then the certificate in Intelligence and Homeland Security is designed for you!

The Intelligence and Homeland Security Certificate examines the operations and processes of the agencies connected with the U.S. Intelligence Community and those of U.S. Homeland Security. Your coursework will explore the response practices of the Homeland Security Administration and the procedures of Politics in the U.S. Intelligence Community. This certificate will help you understand the nature of crisis management, appropriate responses and the resulting impact on society.


KSU Intelligence and Homeland Security students in the classroom

Program Snapshot

Required Courses: (6 Credit Hours) 

  • POLS 4200: Homeland Security Administration
  • POLS 4202: Politics of the U.S. Intelligence Community

Elective Courses: (12 Credit Hours)
Select four of the following courses:

  • POLS 4431: Politics of International Terrorism
  • POLS 4439: Political Economy of Russia and Central Asia in Transition
  • POLS 4448: Russian Politics and Culture
  • POLS 4449: Russian Foreign Policy
  • POLS 4452: Politics of East Asia

Total Number of Credit Hours: 18

  • POLS 4453: Latin America: Democracy and Development
  • POLS 4454: Politics of the Middle East
  • POLS 4455: International Relations of Africa
  • POLS 4457: South Asian Politics: A Comparative Perspective

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