Certificate in Workplace Interpersonal Relationships

The Workplace Interpersonal Relationships Certificate (WIRC) will teach you to successfully navigate interpersonal relationships at work by learning how conflict starts and by creating strategies and skills to recognize and mitigate conflict.

This undergraduate certificate program is appropriate for students from any major who want to be effective leaders in constantly changing environments. This is a stand-alone certificate, whose required courses may be allowed as electives in some undergraduate programs. You should speak with your academic advisor before starting courses for the Workplace Interpersonal Relationships Certificate.

The certificate requires 16 semester hours (5 courses), and all coursework must be completed with a “c” or better.


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  • Program Snapshot

    Required Courses: (10 credit hours) 

    • SOCI 3370: Strategies for Conflict Transformation: Theories and Tools
    • SOCI 3374: Sociology of Work and Occupations and either
      • CMPD 4470: Alternative Dispute Resolution or
      • POLS 4470: Alternative Dispute Resolution

    Understanding Conflict Elective: (3 Credit Hours)

    • ANTH 3307: Cultural Anthropology
    • HIST 4251: U.S. Social and Cultural History
    • ORGC 3376: Interpersonal Communication
    • PERS 2700: Perspectives on the World of Work
    • PSYC 3355: Cross-Cultural Psychology
    • SOCI 3333: Technology and Society

    Conflict Management Strategy Elective: (3 Credit Hours)

    • IPE 4413: Interprofessional Care and Collaboration
    • LDRS 2200: Contemporary Leadership Issues
    • ORGC 3459: Communication and Conflict
    • SOCI 3304: Social Organization
    • SOCI 4444: Social Movements and Social Change

Total Number of Credit Hours: 16



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