Endorsement in Computer Science

The Computer Science (CS) Endorsement program is designed for teachers who are interested in adding the field of computer science education to a current, renewable teaching certificate held in a content area other than computer science. Applicants’ certificate level must be level 4 or higher and at any grade level pre-kindergarten through 12th grade or another eligible field. Over the course of three semesters, candidates in the CS Endorsement program will complete three (3) online courses (9 credit hours). Candidates who successfully complete the program are prepared to be effective computer science educators at the pre-kindergarten through 12th grade level.

KSU(name certificate) students in the classroom

Program Snapshot

Required Courses: 9 Credit Hours

CSED 6021: Programming and Problem Solving for Teachers I
CSED 6022: Programming and Problem Solving for Teachers II
CSED 6414: Teaching of Computer Science (preK-12)

Total Number of Credit Hours: 9


Bagwell College of Education

Kennesaw State University 
Bagwell College of Education
580 Parliament Garden Way,
Kennesaw, GA 30144

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