Faculty Evaluation and Review

Performance evaluation of faculty members is required at KSU. Reviews and evaluations occur regularly in the following ways in accordance with the governing policies of the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia and the policies and procedures established by KSU and its colleges and departments.

  • Detailed annual review of faculty performance;
  • Pre-tenure review for tenure-track faculty; 
  • Review for tenure by the sixth year for tenure-track faculty with professorial rank;
  • Post-tenure reviews for tenured faculty with professorial rank after every five years submitted in the beginning of the sixth year;
  • Reviews for elective promotion for tenured faculty in the professorial rank (optional);
  • Review for elective promotion for non-tenure track faculty with professorial rank, including clinical and research faculty (optional);
  • Review for elective promotion for non-tenure track lecturers (optional).

This faculty performance model requires effective and collaborative strategic planning at all levels. When a college focuses on particular aspects of the University's mission, departments within that college must align the work of their faculty to advance the college mission. The relative emphasis of faculty professional activity in the areas of performance and evaluation at KSU must match the particular focus of their academic unit and be consistent with the mission of the University. The faculty performance model in the KSU Faculty Handbook advances the University's mission by maximizing the strengths and talents of individual academic units and their faculty.

Post-Tenure Review for Administrative Faculty

All tenured faculty who are defined as administrative faculty in Section 1.1 of Kennesaw State University’s Faculty Handbook are subject to the administrative post-tenure review process. Details about this process can be found in the KSU Faculty Handbook, Section 3.12.B.5

All other tenured instructional faculty are subject to the post-tenure review process described in Section 3.12.B.4 for tenure-track teaching faculty.

Administrative Post-Tenure Review


Evaluation Forms and Templates

Promotion and Tenure FAQs

  • Timelines can be found on the Faculty Evaluation and Review page..

  • Your academic home department chair is the best resource if you have questions or require assistance in preparing your tenure and/or promotion portfolio.
  • The specific material required for inclusion in the portfolio can be found in the KSU Faculty Handbook, Section 3
  • Faculty members must submit their portfolios electronically through Watermark. For questions about Watermark, please contact facultyactivitydata@kennesaw.edu.