OneUSG Connect Careers FAQs

Please refer to the Faculty Search Guidelines for information about faculty searches.

  • Email Your question can be directed to the appropriate team member for a response.
  • Job aids can be found on the Faculty Affairs website under Conducting Faculty Searches
  • Careers does not currently support a system-generated request for references. The search chair will need to make the request via email. The department chair can only upload recommendation letters if they move the applicant forward and schedule an interview.  Otherwise, these letters will have to be sent to the search chair so they may be shared with the search committee outside of the system. 
  • Please use the job opening request templates to begin the faculty job posting process. There are 6 available job opening request forms based on the type of faculty recruitment. You must complete the template and submit it to Faculty Affairs recruiters will create the job posting in Careers.

    The job opening request forms can be found on the Faculty Affairs website under Conducting Faculty Searches. Please note that a critical hire/faculty action form must be fully approved and attached to the job posting template before the job opening for full-time faculty positions can be created.  

  • Yes, all faculty are assigned a position number.  The posting cannot be created without a position number. 

    The Faculty Action form designates the position number to be used for full-time faculty.  Part-time faculty are now being assigned to a multi-incumbent pool position for each department. The budget office has created part-time pool positions for each department, and that information has been shared with your business manager.  

    **Note: Prior to part-time pool positions being created, a few part-time job openings were created with position numbers no longer valid for part-time faculty. Please do not worry about correcting the position number for these job openings when creating a job offer. The Faculty Affairs team will coordinate with our HR team behind the scenes for the job offers impacted. 

  • As stated in the Faculty Search Guidelines, the search committee should be no less than 5 members.  The job opening will not be posted until 5 committee members have been identified.  Special permission from Faculty Affairs must be granted if there will be less than 5 committee members.  For special permission, please email with justification for special consideration.
  • The required documents will be listed in the job posting.  Applicants can still submit documents without them being required by the system.

    **Note: Incomplete applications should not be considered or proceed beyond the initial screening phase. Application materials should not be collected outside of the Careers system.  

  • You can log in and see where the posting is at by following the steps below:

    1. Log into OneUSG connect.
    2. Select Recruiting Self Service from the drop-down menu (or use the tile).
    3. Select Search Job Opening
    4. Change opening status to "Pending"
    5. Any job you have that is pending approval will appear in the list.
    6. Select the job opening by clicking on the title.
    7. On the "Approvals" tab, you will be able to see where the job opening is at in the process.
  • You will receive a system email notification when your posting is live on the Careers portal.
  • Only the hiring manager (the department chair) has access to take action on applications and move the applicants through the process from review to interview to job offer.
  • There are job aids for hiring managers to use when going through the applicant management and prepare job offer stage. You can find them under Conducting Faculty Searches.
  • Hiring recommendations must be discussed internally (and outside of the electronic system) by all necessary parties before creating the job offer. When the hiring manager creates the job offer in Careers, it will move through the approval process and will not be routed back to the hiring manager for final approval. The final approved job offer will be used by the Faculty Affairs team to create the official offer letter. 
  • You must move the applicant through the Reviewed and to the Interview stages in the system. Once the applicant has a status of Interview, you can prepare the job offer.
  • In the Job Offer Components box select:

    • Components = Base Pay
    • Frequency = Hourly
    • Offer Amount = $1,200 (per credit hour amount)
    • Payment mode = Cash
  • Follow the link to Search Committee Member Access for a job aid on how search members gain access to the applications.
  • Committee members should not download applications and save them. The system is designed for applications to be viewed via the portal. This protects the applicants’ sensitive information and protects those involved in the search process.  

    You can view an applicant's entire application package by selecting the print icon on their row. You will have an option to select all the materials you want to view.  You cannot view all applications for all applicants at one time.