Orientation and Resources

New faculty resources are designed to provide support and guidance to newly hired professors, aiding them in acclimating to their roles and the academic environment. These resources often include onboarding programs, mentorship opportunities, and access to training workshops, all aimed at facilitating a smooth transition and fostering success in their teaching and research pursuits.


New Employee Orientation

KSU's Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) coordinates a New Faculty Orientation to provide faculty with an introduction to the University to help establish a strong foundation for your future success at KSU.

New Employee Orientation

In addition to providing documentation necessary to begin the employment relationship and activate compensation, KSU's Faculty & Staff Orientation provides an opportunity for new employees to explore applicable benefit plans, gain insight into other fringe benefits, and learn more about KSU and its structure. 


New Faculty Resources

Below is information about the various trainings and system access required by faculty at KSU.

  • Faculty and administrators who require access to view student information using Owl Express are required to complete FERPA training and have a completed Buckley form on file with the Registrar’s Office. Additionally, administrators and advisors requiring access to Owl Express are required to complete the third page of the Buckley form. Please visit the following link: registrar.kennesaw.edu/faculty-resources.php

    Faculty with a Buckley form on file in the Registrar’s Office will have access to the class roster through the Faculty tab in Owl Express. If the Faculty tab is not available, the faculty member must submit a completed Buckley form to the Office of the Registrar, registrar@kennesaw.edu.

  • In order to access Banner related information, an approved Buckley Form must be on file in the Registrar’s Office and employees must complete FERPA training. The Buckley Form and FERPA training information can be found at the following Registrar’s Office link: registrar.kennesaw.edu/faculty-resources.php
  • The Card Services Center is an important resource center for all students, faculty and staff, and works closely with other KSU administrative departments to manage and facilitate a multitude of services. From issuing campus ID cards to managing the KSU carpool programs, Card Services is essentially the gateway to campus life. Card Services is also responsible for issuing parking credentials. For more information, please visit the following link: cardservices.kennesaw.edu/
  • KSU uses Watermark as the platform for conducting and retaining student course evaluations. More information about course evaluations can be found at courseevals.kennesaw.edu
  • KSU D2L Brightspace is the learning management system used by faculty to deliver instructional materials to their students. For more information, please visit the following link: d2l.kennesaw.edu
  • The Activity Insight module of Watermark is the faculty data management system used for annual reviews, portfolios, and other reports. The module is accessed using KSU NetID. New faculty may not have active accounts until a few weeks into the semester, when the data for the current semester of teaching and data for new faculty are uploaded. Chairs can pull many faculty data reports on faculty who report to them.

    No training is needed, new faculty can log in as soon as they have an account, which may not be until a week or two into the semester.  All the documentation is at facultyactivitydata.kennesaw.edu/.

    There are instructions under the Activity Insight menu on how to enter activities, create annual review documents, and create and review portfolios.

  • Employees will use OneUSG Connect to record and submit time, access, review and update personal information including direct deposit, pay checks and benefits anytime, anywhere - by computer, tablet, even smartphone.
  • For more information please visit the KSUmail website at uits.kennesaw.edu/ksumail

    KSUmail Web Access: ksumail.kennesaw.edu 

  • An employee’s KSU NetID is one of the most important activations on campus. The NetID allows you to log into your e-mail, Owl Express, and many other systems. This is the first step you want to take once you have been onboarded by Human Resources. The link to the KSU NetID Login and Activation screen is: netid.kennesaw.edu/itim/self/Login/Logon.do
  • FERPA (the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974) allows students to place a Restriction on their Directory Information. This Restriction prevents the disclosure of any information on this student including the fact that they are in fact a student at KSU. However, the law has recently been modified to clarify that a student may not choose to be anonymous within the classroom setting, whether in a traditional or distance learning class, by placing a Restriction on their records. Disclosure of personally identifiable information, such as the student’s name and email address, as required by the instructors and classroom setting for purposes of conducting the class and class activities is permissible under FERPA.

    Maintaining confidentiality of student records is everyone's responsibility at KSU. Why? It's federal law. University employees who have access or have requested access to systems that contain student record information will be required to review this tutorial before access is permitted.  Employees may be asked periodically to review and acknowledge their understanding of this information to remain current with federal regulations.

    FERPA training information can be found at the following Registrar’s Office link: registrar.kennesaw.edu/faculty-resources.php