Celebrating The Black Experience

The rich history and culture that encompass the Black Experience are multifaceted and diverse and have given birth to authentic expressions that have lasted from generation to generation worldwide.  To honor and celebrate this rich history and culture, The Center for Africana Studies is inviting students to submit original works to show how they relate to and express the Black Experience.

young man in dance pose


  • The competition is open to all Kennesaw State University students.  Entries must be student’s original work, have a submission title, a description detailing why the work was chosen, what was used to create the work, what the personal connection to the work is, and, what or who the inspiration for the work is.  
  • Categories may include literary works, performing arts, and visual arts.

    Examples can be found below:

    • Literary Works - articles, short stories, poems, interviews, research papers, etc.
      • 2000-word maximum
    • Performing Arts - choreography, dramatic works, music, spoken word, etc.
      • 2 to 4 minutes in length
    • Visual Arts - architectural works, drawings, craft kits, illustrations, jewelry designs, masks, paintings, photographs, sculptures, puppets, textile designs, etc.
  • When the competition opens, please submit your original works to cas85@kennesaw.edu using OneDrive no later than the posted deadline (January 29, 2024). Be sure to include in the subject line “Celebrating the Black Experience.”  Winners will be announced at a Community & Culture Reception.
  • Works will be judged on the following criteria:

    • How closely the work relates to the theme based on the creator’s statement
    • How creative and original the work is in its conception of the theme and its presentation
    • The level of skill demonstrated
    • 1st place will receive a $500 gift card
    • 2nd place, a $250 gift card
    • 3rd place, a $125 gift card
    • 4 Honorable Mentions, awarded $50 each