Muslims and Islam in America

Keynote Speaker:

moustafa bayoumi

Moustafa Bayoumi

Workshop Overview:
The first year of the workshops included Key Note Presentation by Moustafa Bayoumi on his book ‘How Does It Feel to Be A Problem: Being Young and Arab in America’ and its relevance to the study of Muslims and Islam in America particularly in the university setting.

Faculty & Student Presentations:
Students from ‘Muslims in Popular American Culture’ Course by Dr. Anne Richards & Dr. Iraj Omidvar Presented on the following topics:

  • Dr. Chenaz Seelarbokus on Rumi
  • Mary Elizabeth Tyler Boucebci on reality TV show ‘All American Muslim
  • Yen Rodriguez on ‘Islam and transnational hip-hop
  • Dr. Griselda Thomas on African-American naming practices and the Nation of Islam
  • Nikkeshia Wilson on ‘ “Re-verts” to Islam in the Latino-a community
  • Dr. Sandra Bird on ‘Atlanta Muslims’
  • Dr. Iraj Omidvar on representation of Muslims

Presentations were based on the speakers’ contributions to the book, ‘Muslim Americans in Popular Culture.

Film and Screening Discussion:

More information on Bayoumi's Book: