Supreme Court Mission Statement

The Judicial Branch of the Kennesaw State University Student Government Association, is hereby
established with the purpose to better uphold the integrity and stability of our institutions.
Thereby, The Judicial Branch, entitled as The Supreme Court, strives to coexist with the
Legislative and Executive branches of the Student Government Association so as to hold the
entirety of this organization to a higher standard. It is expected, by passing down judicial
precedent, to erase errors made in our history and to ensure the equity of our posterity. The
Supreme Court, having been entrusted with the power and responsibility of original jurisdiction
concerning questions of constitutionality, appeals of membership infractions, and appeals of
election violations, sets forth to ensure a fair and just due-process for all members of the
Kennesaw State University Student Government Association.

Meet the Supreme Court Chief Justice

Katie Kojali

Chief Justice Katie Kojali

Katie Kojali is the first female Chief Justice in KSU's SGA and only the second in history. She is also the President of the History Club at KSU. With a double major in International Affairs and History and a minor in Classical Studies, she intends to become a university professor of History.  

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Meet the Associate Justices

  • Justice Taejah Goode

    Associate Justice Taejah Goode is a sophomore at Kennesaw State University and a second year in Student Government. Last year they were involved in the SGA intern program and had the esteemed honor of being appointed as the clerk for the new Judicial Branch. Near the end of their freshman year,  they became an Associate Justice. 


    Justice Madison Blackmon

    Madison Blackmon is a sophomore majoring in Psychology and minoring in Criminal Justice. She is also a part of the Honors College. Alongside her role as an Associate Justice for the Student Government Association, she is the Social Media Coordinator for Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society, a member of the Psychology Club, Psi Chi, and Ladies of Distinction. . 



    Justice Mia Hutchinson

    Associate Justice Hutchinson is in KSU Student Government Association. At KSU she is also a resident assistant (RA), member of the Honors Advisory Leadership Council (HALC), and a student assistant.  


    Deputy Chief Justice Kamissha Miles

    Kamissha Miles is pursuing a Criminal Justice and Business degree. While serving as an Associate Justice, she is also the First Vice-President of Kennesaw State University’s NAACP. She is apart of the AFROTC Program at Georgia Tech and currently serving in the Air Force National Guard. 



    Justice Jamari Gilbert

    Associate Justice Gilbert is a junior History Education major. He looks to be a history teacher when he graduates. He also wants to get his law degree and teach college when he graduates. He wants to become a Supreme Court advocate and a writer on law, history of law, and philosophy. He is also involved in the History Club and Undergraduate Research Club.  


    Justice Derya Aydin

    Associate Justice Derya Aydin is a sophomore at Kennesaw State University. She is pursuing a degree in International Affairs with a minor in Slavic, Eastern European, and Eurasian Studies, as well as Legal Studies. While serving as an Associate Justice, she is also a member of the Model United Nations team.



    Justice John Grabnar

    Associate Justice John Grabnar is a senior pursuing an economics degree with a minor in business law. While serving as a Justice he has engaged in several on-campus events and has worked to help start KSU’s new business incubator.



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