On-Site and Digital Exhibition—See What Life Was Like in Georiga Duriing World War II H3: Learn About Georgia's World War II Home Front at KSU

Georgia Goes to War Exhibit

Learn About Georgia's World War II Home Front

World War II transformed the state of Georgia and its people. In joining the war effort, Georgians embraced a struggle that united the nation economically, socially, and, to a great extent, politically. Yet, change was experienced differently by different people and places across the state. Georgia Goes to War takes a regional and thematic approach to telling the story of the impact of World War II.

In each of six sections, encounter "before," "during" and "after" stories which open windows into the transformative power of the war and view iconic images of wartime Georgia to consider thought-provoking questions about the impact of the war on the state, the nation, and the world. In addition, "Meet History Face to Face" through portable biographies of individuals whose lives intersected with the places and events chronicled in the exhibit's sections.

Take a look at this video to learn about World War II through Georgia newspaper headlines

Visit this virtual open house from Bentley Rare Book Museum curator JoyEllen Williams to dive into the world of books during World War II!

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