Traveling Exhibition-- KSU Explores the Life and Legacy of Kitty Weichherz 

This moving exhibit documents the short life of Kitty Weichherz, a Czechoslovakian girl born in the same year as Anne Frank. Family photographs and entires in Kitty’s diary offer a window into the everyday life of a child- birthday parties, the first day of school, a first boyfriend.

Told through the loving eyes of her surviving father, Kitty’s story paints a portrait of a young girl’s innocence in the face of increasing anti-Jewish sentiment on the eve of World War II. The touching story of just one girl, one family, emphasizes the humanity of millions just like Kitty who were lost in this tragic war.

"In Her Father's Eyes" curated in partnership by Dr. Daniel Magilow (University of Tennessee) and graduate students at Youngstown State University Public History Program.