On-Site Exhibition—Get Oriented to the Themes of World War II and the Holocaust at KSU

Opened in December 2019, this exhibit introduces and unites themes that run throughout our other permanent and temporary exhibitions. Between 1933 and 1945 people, nations, and ideas entangled like never before and emerged transformed. 

Visitors are invited to view an art installation that uses colored threads as a visual metaphor to convey how transformations occurred in individuals' lives as well as in:

  • Geography
  • Politics
  • Society
  • Economics
  • Culture
  • Technology

The new exhibition also emphasizes an essential truth about history and material culture:

  • The same objects and images can tell very different stories depending on the perspective of the interpreter and of the viewer.
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Threads of Memory

Transformations Art Commission Competition

In the fall of 2019, the MHHE launched the first in what we hope to be an annual competition to provide artistic interpretation for the gallery adjacent to Parallel Journeys, a contemplative space thematically consistent with Threads of Memory. 

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"Your Heart is a Garden. What's Growing in There?"

Artists' Statement by Brad and Katlyn Dalton:

"We believe the most important thing about a person is not what they do, it is who they become. Who you are is mainly determined by the condition of your inner life. As a result, your actions reveal what you truly believe. What we see and experience from another’s life is fueled by the unseen. What happens to us and for us matters, and how it affects our character development is of great importance.

"The art you’re about to experience allows you to gaze into the lives of seven people who lived during World War II. Go slow, pay deep attention, soak it in, be here now. The jars were formed on the potter’s wheel to resemble the human form. The poems help shine light on each individual’s story. Within the bottom section of the jar you find carvings displaying the “soil” of what we imagine was shaping their inner life, their specific character qualities. Above that you see the “growth” which reveals the quality of their character. On top you find stars surrounding a butterfly silhouette which holds a question. Imagine the question coming directly from the person with the intention of guiding you deeper into your transformation.

"The stars are for inspiration. Stars grab our attention and cause us to dream, hope, and wonder. Our stars hold the vision in front of us as a reminder of what’s possible. Pause… open your heart in wonder. Allow yourself to dream. Consider your stars. What kind of person do you hope to become?"

Jars created by Brad and Katlyn Dalton

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