Welcome to KSU's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Questioning (LGBTQ) Resource Center!

The LGBTQ Resource Center welcomes all students and offers a wide range of educational and social programs and resources.

Location: Carmichael Student Center, Suite 253

Email: lgbtq@kennesaw.edu

Office Hours: Monday-Friday 9 AM -5 PM

If you're looking for LGBTQ resources on the Marietta campus, please visit the Unity Center

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Our Space

The LGBTQ Resource Center is a community space for students to gather, create new friendships, study, and gain access to resources. Within the Center, students are presented with opportunities to learn about various aspects of identity.

The Resource Center provides students with access to a library collection of over 500 titles, a computer lab, professional and student staff, and informational pamphlets. In addition to these services, the Center also hosts weekly and monthly programming that is open to all students. 

  • Our wonderful team of student staff greets students as they enter the Resource Center. Our student staff are here to answer your questions about the various programs and services offered by the LGBTQ Resource Center. Students entering the LGBTQ Resource Center will be asked to please check in or 'tap in' upon enter the LGBTQ Resource Center.

    The lobby provides a space for students to gather, engage in conversation, drink coffee, and interact with our student and professional staff. 

  • The conference room offers students a quiet study space with our Study Hall hours offered daily. Within our conference room, students will find a computer lab, our library, a television for group work and practicing presentations, and a large whiteboard. Additionally, the Conference Room hosts a variety of programs including our Community Groups meetings, our monthly LGBTQ Support Group, and our monthly TRANScend Clothing Closet Pop-Up Shops.
  • Our Lounge is an active and engaging space providing opportunities for students to socialize, eat lunch, study, and participate in many of our weekly and monthly Resource Center Programming.
  • Through donations, the Clothing Closet provides gender-affirming clothing to students and offers a more comfortable and accessible way to shopping experience.

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