LGBTQ Inclusive Housing Community at KSU

The Stonewall Housing LLV is a gender-inclusive housing initiative offered on both the Kennesaw and Marietta campuses. This housing option serves as an open and inviting living environment for students searching for a supportive community that celebrates their multifaceted identities and fosters a space of shared experiences, understanding, and solidarity among residents regarding their identity.

At the heart of the Stonewall community thrives a commitment to nurturing academic brilliance through an encompassing and inclusive approach, spanning sexuality, gender, and expressions. Check for housing applications for each year at KSU!

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More Information

  • Located in the Austin Residence Complex on the Kennesaw Campus and University Courtyard on the Marietta Campus, Stonewall Housing is a gender-inclusive, LGBTQ themed housing community at KSU. Stonewall is available for all students who want to live in a community celebrating their various identities and foster understanding, learning, and community around topics of sexuality and gender.

    The Stonewall community thrives on developing academically successful students, inclusive of sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, and/or expression.

    By joining a community of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer, gender non-conforming, and ally students, residents will be expected to respect the commonalities and differences of the residents.

    Residents of the Stonewall community are expected to attend 2 KSU Housing and Residence Life events per semester, 2 KSU LGBTQ Resource Center events per semester, and 2 Cultural Competence Workshops with the Cultural and Community Centers per academic year.

  • Stonewall Housing Application Timeline

    • Stonewall Housing applications are accepted on a rolling basis until all spaces are filled, however priority for Stonewall Housing consideration closes in early March. Students can request roommates at this time.
    • We will communicate acceptance or denial to priority Stonewall Housing applicants through the month of March and continue to place later applicants until full. 
    • Once initial acceptance is received, applicants will then be contacted by Housing to finalize their housing selection.
    • Students accepted must accept placement into Stonewall Housing promptly with Housing and Residence Life once contacted.

    Please note: The LGBTQ Resource Center is a partner in this process and may not be able to provide status updates after you have received initial acceptance. We are always reachable at to answer questions and provide assistance.

  • Housing rates for Stonewall Housing are established by Housing and Residence Life. For the most current pricing structures, please visit Housing and Residence Life.

    To assist in determining which pricing structure applies: Stonewall Housing is in Austin Residence Complex Phase 1 and University Courtyard. All apartments are 4 bedroom/4 bathrooms.


  • Because the Stonewall Housing Community is gender-inclusive, rooms will not be assigned based on a person's gender, gender identity, or gender expression. This means that residents of the community may have roommates that identify as a different gender than themselves.
  • Stonewall Housing is located in the Austin Residence Complex, Phase 1 on the Kennesaw Campus and University Courtyard on the Marietta Campus.
  • Yes, Stonewall Housing falls under the 12-month contract distinction established by Housing and Residence Life.
  • No. The apartments within Stonewall Housing feature a private bedroom and private bathroom, with a shared common area (living room) and kitchen. For floor plans and details, visit Housing and Residence Life.
  • Most likely. Prospective Stonewall Residents can indicate a roommate request in the Stonewall Housing application. Each roommate will need to indicate one another in this form in order for us to try and accommodate the request. The LGBTQ Resource Center strives to meet each request to the best of our ability, but approvals are dependent on room availability and mutual requests.
  • In addition to all requirements established by Housing and Residence Life, the LGBTQ Resource Center requires that each applicant demonstrate a sincere desire to live in an LGBTQ-affirming housing community and engages in LGBTQRC and Housing programming. This is accomplished via short essay questions in the application form and a point system. 
  • For the 2022-2023 academic year, Stonewall Housing has been approved for 48 rooms/beds in the community. The number of rooms available can fluctuate from year to year based on the number of vacant rooms and student demand.
  • Yes. Although Stonewall Housing is located in 'Upperclass Student Housing,' Stonewall Housing is open to all incoming and current students at KSU. The only eligibility criteria, outside those established by Housing and Residence Life, is that students must demonstrate a sincere desire to live in an LGBTQ-affirming housing community and remain engaged in programming.

Questions, Comments, Concerns?

For questions, comments, and concerns related to the Housing Portal, deadlines, costs, and contracts please contact Housing and Residence Life at

For questions, comments, or concerns related to Stonewall Housing (aside from the Housing Portal, deadlines, costs, and contracts), please contact the LGBTQ Resource Center at

The Stonewall Housing Community is a partnership between the LGBTQ Resource Center and Housing and Residence Life. All prospective residents will be required to meet all established requirements and expectations of Housing and Residence Life.