Ralph J. Rascati, Ph.D.

Founding Dean, Honors College
Associate VP for Advising, Retention & Graduation Initiatives

Kenneth W. Hill

Director of Global Strategic Initiatives

Liza Davis, Ph.D.

Director, Undergraduate Honors Program

Katherine Kinnick, Ph.D.

Director, Dual Enrollment Honors Program

Julia Morrissey, Ph.D.

Assistant Director, Undergraduate Honors Program

Stacey Solomon

Academic Advisor, Dual Enrollment Honors Program

Michelle Miles, PhD.

Honors Scholarship Advisor

Jamie Burdett

Aministrative Assistant III for the Dean

Charlotte Canup

Administrative Associate I for the Undergraduate Honors Program

Melanie Buchanan

Administrative Associate I for the Dual Enrollment Honors Program

Phillip Poskus

Manager, PEGS Experience

Sunny Pradhan

IT Systems Support Professional II

Zai Sookram

Business Manager