Music theory offers musicians and scholars a concentrated study of patterns in music and their interpretation. This area of the BSOM plays special roles in promoting critical thinking, writing skills, musicianship, and undergraduate research. Our faculty is top-notch, with three PhDs in Music Theory from schools such as Eastman and Louisiana State University. Training is hands-on with lots of one-on-one faculty-student interaction. We have a proven track record of placing our graduates into prestigious programs at the master’s and doctoral levels. Additionally, our undergraduate degree in music theory gives a musician a wide range of skills including writing, musical analysis, piano and singing proficiency, scholarly reading, and composition in different musical styles.

If accepted into the program, students take applied lessons on their instrument, and participate in our many well-known ensembles.

  • Music Theory Past Capstone Projects

    Capstone projects are used by music theory majors to apply for graduate programs in music.

    Name Title Advisor Year
    Meghan O’Harra The Impact of Metric Placement on the Perception of Modulation Kelly Francis 2020
    Joseph Grunkemeyer Narrative Ambiguity in Brahms Jeffrey Yunek 2020
    Nicole Hamel Aragorn: A Case of Joseph Campbell’s Monomyth in Howard Shore’s Film Score from the Lord of the Rings Benjamin Wadsworth 2019
    Kristin Houston Tonal Ambiguity in Solo Piano Works of Thelonious Monk Benjamin Wadsworth 2019
    Alexander Peneton Leitmotifs in Progressive Rock Benjamin Wadsworth 2018
    Simon Needle On the Topic of Hip Hop: Topic Theory as Applied to the Works of Kendrick Lamar Benjamin Wadsworth 2018
    Kyle Green Chord Progressions and Sleep Quality Benjamin Wadsworth 2018
    Madison Coffey Minimalism, Form, and Meaning in Björk: An Analysis of Utopia Benjamin Wadsworth 2018
    Kelsey Woods The Reception of Sonata Form in Edvard Grieg’s Music Jeffrey Yunek 2018
    Joshua Little The Absolute Progression in Michael Giacchino’s Film Scores Benjamin Wadsworth 2017


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  • benjamin wadsworth

    Professor of Music Theory
    (470) 578-4375
    MU 119

  • Associate Dean of College of the Arts and Professor of Music
    (470) 578-5064
    WB 215

  • Part-Time Assistant Professor of Music
    (470) 578-6151
    WB 111

  • Part-Time Instructor of Music
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    WB 111

  • tyrone jackson

    Senior Lecturer of Jazz Studies and Jazz Piano
    (470) 578-6151
    WB 111

  • jeff yunek

    Associate Professor of Music Theory
    (470) 578-4542
    MU 110B

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