Kennesaw State Department of Dance to Screen Two Iconic Films by Hofesh Shechter

KENNESAW, Ga. | Mar 7, 2023

“Clowns” and “Political Mother: The Final Cut” offer patrons an exhilarating experience

Kennesaw State University Department of Dance will screen two iconic films, “Clowns” and “Political Mother: The Final Cut” by Israeli-born Hofesh Shechter on March 17-18 at the KSU Dance Theater on the Marietta campus. The screenings are a unique opportunity to see Shechter’s work in the United States. 

clowns on stage
"Clowns" is a comedy of murder and desire and features a cinematic score. Image by Todd MacDonald Illuminations.

Comedy of Murder and Desire

First broadcast in 2018 by the BBC, “Clowns” is a dance film that plays out a macabre comedy of murder and desire, asking how far we will go in the name of entertainment. Directed, choreographed, and composed by London-based Shechter, and performed by Hofesh Shechter Company, it combines bold, exhilarating, and tribal movement by ten dancers with a percussive, cinematic score. The film’s run time is about 30 minutes. 

image of dancers in Political Mother The Final Cut
"Political Mother: The Final Cut" explodes on the screen--unplugged, unapologetic, and exhilarating. Image by Todd MacDonald Illuminations.

Emotional Struggles 

Political Mother: The Final Cut” is a stage work that explodes onto the screen as an unplugged, unapologetic, and exhilarating short film. From behind the lens, Shechter brings imposing architecture and intimate spaces of Battersea Arts Centre in London to the center stage, immersing audiences within a fragile world of raw emotions as a group of individuals struggle against the complex structures that define their world, and ours. 
image of dancer illuminated on stage
The film brings a fresh, new dance energy to the screen. Image by Todd MacDonald Illuminations.
Animation and Cinematic Score
In a little over 30 minutes, the film brings a fresh, new dance energy to the screen—set against a backdrop of Shay Hamias’ animation and Shechter’s cinematic score—and is simply a film not to be missed. The Times (London) called Shechter “the mighty contemporary choreographer—a combination of dance-maker and rock-star, but with film director sensibilities.” His work is about instinctive, emotional reactions, and the enjoyment of dance and music. Patrons interested in dance, theatre, music, film, and the visual arts will be empowered to create their own, personal interpretation of what they experience. 

A Visceral Experience
The powerful films are made for the big screen, ideal for the KSU Dance Theater, which was custom designed with a state-of-the-art sound system. Marsha Barsky, chair of the Department of Dance, says, “The Hofesch Shechter Company is a world-renowned company, so bringing these films to campus is a great way for our students and patrons to see their work as a visceral experience. Our intention is to help students understand the strength in this medium, and to experience it fully.” The films also complement the Dance Filmmaking class offered to KSU dance students. 

image of woman staring at the camera with dancers blurred in the background
"Political Mother: The Final Cut" mixes driving beats, club-inspired moves, and high quality digital animation technology. Image by Todd MacDonald Illuminations.
Driving Beats, Club-Inspired Moves
headshot of Hofesch Schechter
Hofesch Schechter is a choreographer, filmmaker, and composer. Image by Hugo Glendinning.

Digitally savvy fans have created their own Shechter fan clubs on YouTube, often imitating the doable movements, including the little hand gestures, explains Lisa K. Lock, associate professor, and artistic director for the Department of Dance. Schecter’s films are bursting with energy, with a mixture of driving beats, club-inspired moves, and high-quality digital animation technology, an ideal outlet for highly active, diverse, and social patrons who enjoy the arts. 

Choreographer, Filmmaker, and Composer
Shechter is recognized as one of the most exciting artists, making work for both stage and film. His ability in both disciplines defies traditional expectations. In addition, he is renowned for composing atmospheric musical scores that complement the unique physicality of his much-celebrated work. Lock adds, “The work is outstanding; it’s so powerful, and it’s an experience worth seeing.” 

Tickets Available Now
“Clowns” and “Political Mother: The Final Cut” will be screened on March 17-18 at 8 p.m. at the KSU Dance Theater on the Marietta campus. Each film runs about half an hour and will be shown concurrently, with a brief intermission; recommended for ages 13+. For tickets, please call 470-578-6650 or purchase online. Learn more about Kennesaw State University Department of Dance

--Kathie Beckett

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