Kennesaw State College of the Arts to present Undergraduate, Faculty Research Forums

KENNESAW, Ga. | Mar 28, 2023

Available both in-person and via ArtsKSU Virtual, the research forums are free and open to public

Kennesaw State University College of the Arts will present two research forums: one featuring undergraduate students, and one featuring select faculty. The research forums, free and open to the public, will be available online or in-person in the atrium of the Zuckerman Museum of Art, a unit of the School of Art and Design, on the Kennesaw campus. 

On Wednesday, March 29 at 2 p.m., students from three units of the College of the Arts will present their research covering a wide range of topics, from dance to music to theatre. Student participants in order of appearance include Issa Solís (Department of Theatre and Performance Studies); Savannah Banks (Department of Dance); Bella Giordano (Bailey School of Music); and Macy Cardwell (Department of Theatre and Performance Studies). 

Peter Fielding, Associate Dean and Associate Professor of Music, said, “Our Undergraduate Research Forum serves as the jewel of KSU’s Spring Undergraduate Research Week, showing the discursive scholarship being pursued by our students.” Students also have the option to also share their research through videos as part of KSU’s Spring Undergraduate Research Week.  

The events serve as the College of the Arts’ extension of KSU’s advocacy of student research through the Office of Undergraduate Research, as well as university-level events such as the Symposium of Student Scholars.  

laurence sherr working with a student
Composer-in-residence Laurence Sherr works with a student.

Celebrating student achievements through public venues such as these demonstrate the collective work for KSU’s Quality Enhancement Plan, It’s About Engagement, fostering high-impact practices for KSU students. The plan advances KSU’s mission of student success by focusing on the dynamic nature of engaged learning in each of the academic colleges and the university, overall. Opportunities like these for students to engage and present, from both the College of the Arts and Kennesaw State University, help prepare students for their post-KSU lives.

On Wednesday, April 12 at 3 p.m., select faculty from each unit of the College of the Arts will present their research via both live streaming and in-person, also at the Zuckerman Museum of Art atrium on the Kennesaw campus. Presenters include Joe Thomas on “Abject Sexuality in Pop Art” (School of Art and Design) and Laurence Sherr on “Fugitive Footsteps” (Bailey School of Music). Next, Amanda Wansa Morgan will present “Ask Her: Conversations with Women in Musical Theatre Leadership (Department of Theatre and Performance Studies), followed by Andrea Knowlton presenting “Adapting the Unspoken: Improvisational Influences on Co-Creative Artificial Intelligence” (Department of Dance). 

Join the College of the Arts on Wednesday, March 29 at 2 p.m. for the Undergraduate Research Forum, followed by the Faculty Research Forum on Wednesday, April 12 at 3 pm. Both Forums will be held in-person at the Zuckerman Museum of Art atrium on the Kennesaw campus, and also available online via ArtsKSU Virtual. Learn about the College of the Arts. 

--Kathie Beckett

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