Welcome from the Dean

cacam dean andrew payne
It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the College of Architecture and Construction Management (CoACM)! The college and departments of Architecture and Construction Management are filled with extraordinary faculty and staff who are here to serve the students at the start of their journey. This journey is not simply the time spent in classrooms or design studios over the next few years but will be a life-long experience, one which starts with a strong foundation from the CoACM. 

The disciplines of architecture and construction management are inherent in our everyday lives. In our homes, places of worship, businesses, recreation and leisure we are reminded of the importance of good design and well-managed projects. The built environment is around us all and plays a vital role in our mental and physical well-being, which in turn affects our interpersonal relationships. 

It is our ambition to nurture students through the rigors of these highly complex areas of study and provide them with experiences that will prepare them to be the next leaders of the industry.

We are building professionals!

Dr. Andrew Phillip Payne
Dean and Professor of Architecture
College of Architecture and Construction Management
Kennesaw State University


We will be the leading multidisciplinary college focused on the built environment in the region. Our close-knit college community develops skills and knowledge to enable the highest degree of professionalism and leadership across the industry. We foster a culture of collaboration across disciplines with an emphasis on community engagement, sustainability, and technology.

The values and guiding principles in the Strategic Plan - College of Architecture and Construction Management 2022-2027 reflect our commitment to creating a culture of professionalism and support.


 The Kennesaw State University College of Architecture and Construction Management prepares students to be recognized leaders and responsible professionals in the design, construction and management of the natural and built environment.