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KENNESAW, Ga. | Jan 26, 2023

photo of ermal shpuza
Ermal Shpuza

In March of 2021, Ermal Shpuza was promoted to Professor of Architecture. Ermal Shpuza’s research interests span across spatial analysis, urban morphology, urban history, complex systems in cities, architecture, environmental design, workplace design, and design computing. He studies the evolution of Adriatic and Ionian coastal cities, urban transformation in the Balkans, shape description, affinity between block shape and street patterns, and interaction between boundary shape and circulation in buildings. He teaches courses in spatial analysis, urban design and planning theory, and environmental technology, and studios in urban design, environmental design, and design foundation. He received his architectural professional degree from Polytechnic University of Tirana, MSc in Architecture from the Bartlett, University College London, and PhD in Architecture from Georgia Institute of Technology. He was a Visiting Faculty Fellow at quanTM Emory University and a Sustainability Fellow at KSU, and is currently a Global Fellow for the Year of Greece at KSU.

Professor Shpuza will share his inquiry into an "Unorthodox approach to Space Syntax" during the 2022 Spring semester, as a spotlight on scholarship within the department. Congratulations Professor Shpuza!


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