Michael Carroll becomes PI for the next phase of the KSU Mini-Pavilion at Cobb County Safety Village

KENNESAW, Ga. | Sep 1, 2022

mini pavillion diagram
Mini-Pavillion Diagram
The Mini-Pavilion at Cobb County Safety Village is a multi-stakeholder collaboration between KSU, the Cobb County Safety Village, and Cobb County Schools, and has been designed to provide new safety training and information using virtual and augmented reality experiences. The facility will provide faculty research opportunities and new middle school and high school STEM activities for Cobb County Schools. 

Michael Carroll designed the building during the first phase of work while serving as Co-PI 1 and will now become PI for the project. In this next phase, Dr. Billy Kihei, an Assistant Professor of Computer Engineering who previously served as PI, will serve as Co-PI 1. They are joined by Dr. Sanjeev Adkikari (Co-PI 2), Dr. Sandip Das (Co-PI 3), Amaal Al Shenawa (Co-PI 4), Dr. Ronkai Guo (Co-PI 5), Allison Carter (Ext. Co 1), and Dr. Sally Creel (Ext. Co 2). 

Please see the Phase 1 presentation for more details on the project here

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