Catering Timeline

To ensure the best possible service, we kindly ask that events be booked with the contracted caterer or KSU Hospitality Services at least two weeks in advance. Each caterer has specific guidelines to the menu and service details, final confirmation, and headcount policies. Please visit the caterer's provided webpage for a detailed list of these policies. KSU Hospitality Services can act as a liaison between the selected caterer and the KSU contact to assist with completing the ordering process if requested. Departments are responsible for processing all invoices and ensuring timely payment to the vendor.

External Vendors Not Contracted by KSU Hospitality Services

The use of catering providers not included on the Approved Contracted Caterers list will require KSU Hospitality Services approval. Complete the Secondary External Caterer Request Form to initiate the review and approval process.

Please include all the requested documents and a copy of the quote received when submitting the Secondary External Catering Request Form. All requests are based on the approval or denial of Hospitality Services and evaluated on a case-by-case basis. The deadline for the form and the supporting documents is 10 business days before the scheduled event. Please understand that licensing and insurance requirements are part of the standard and required by law. It's our responsibility to do our due diligence to ensure food is safe for our guests to consume. Even if an external caterer has previously provided successful services on KSU premises, that does not legitimize a legal precedent for food safety or repeat business.

Food Delivery and Pick Up

Food must not require set up and/or on-site service (e.g. chafers, heating sources, banquet attendants, servers, etc.) and must not be a temperature controlled food item to qualify as meal delivery or pick up. Food that requires temperature maintenance cannot be served as full service catering must be acquired.

An example of acceptable items would be pizza or sandwich delivery, food from a fast-food vendor and cold or dry snacks from any supermarket. An approval request is not necessary for food delivery or pick up, however submission of the Catering Services Confirmation Form including the quote or order form is required.

When departments, Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) or guests order and pay for food delivery, inline with the previously stated guidelines, and the food delivered is consumed within one hour of delivery time, it is considered drop-off service, not catering.


It is against Kennesaw State University policy to allow anyone who is not a licensed vendor to prepare food that will be served for consumption on campus. Therefore, potlucks are strictly prohibited. This excludes the use of food delivery or pick up (see above).

Food Removal

Due to health regulations, leftovers cannot be removed from any event space. This policy is strictly enforced. KSU Hospitality Services and contracted caterers ensure that food is temperature-controlled and served in safe conditions. When guests take food, the shift in the environment puts guests at risk of foodborne illnesses.