Master of Science in Information Systems at KSU Means Leadership

Step into a leadership role powered by Information Systems (IS) analytics and business intelligence to bring business strategy to technology projects, and Information Technology (IT) innovations to business challenges. 
This fully online information systems degree, the Coles College MSIS program offers convenience, affordability, and flexibility. You will work with experienced and committed professors who teach and engage with you actively, ensuring your place at the forefront of business technology. 

Develop wide spectrum capabilities to understand, analyze and manage organizational issues. Find solutions to end-user computing and strategic implications of technology projects. Combine your experiential knowledge of customers, the marketplace, and revenue cycles with the skills of IS analytics to become a compelling business decision maker.  

Irrespective of whether your experience and education are in technology or business - an MSIS degree from the Coles College of Business will give you the desired skills of today to help you move forward in your career and become a more valuable team member.

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Ranked 3rd in Accelerated Master’s in Management Information Systems Online Degree

Kennesaw State University offers a master’s degree in management information systems online for students seeking to leverage a graduate degree to learn new skills and obtain a leadership or management position in the IT field.  

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  • If you’re looking for an affordable, online master’s degree in management information systems, Coles College at KSU can fit your academic and professional needs! 

    With just 33 credit hours of coursework, there are only ten core courses required in addition to a handful of electives. You will also be required to complete three (3) credit hours of capstone courses.  

    Learn more about the Master's Program Guide and how Kennesaw State MSIS program differs! 

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  • The two-year program is 30 credits long and is now offered in a 100% online format. With this flexibility, you can work while pursuing your master’s degree. This MSIS program offers an accelerated path that students can complete in just one year! 

Information Security and Assurance Certificate

The graduate certificate program in information security and assurance is designed for both technology and non-technology graduate students.

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