Aspire to More

Whether you’re interested in earning your undergraduate or graduate degree, the Coles College of Business offers you a program of study that is relevant to your  goals and will help you discover, and achieve your definition of success. At Coles, you earn more than credits that fulfill degree requirements—more than credentials to put on a resume. You graduate with real-world skills and knowledge and experience in a collaborative and challenging learning environment.

Undergraduate Programs

Receive personal attention from faculty who care about your professional success. Learn knowledge you can put into practice, not just theory. Study courses guided by what businesses need from their employees. Grow in your knowledge and become confident in your ability to offer value in your future profession. Explore more about our undergraduate programs.

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KSU Coles Business Student in class.

Graduate Programs

Improve on your current strengths and add depth to the areas you want to explore further. Learn the skills you need to take on more challenging responsibilities in your career. Discover what employers need most and use that knowledge to pursue your ideal career path. Collaborate with fellow learners who are just as committed  as you to adding value to their organizations. Explore more about our graduate programs.

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KSU Graduate Coles Business Student.