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Kennesaw, Georgia
May 3rd and 4th

For business education to prosper, doctoral education—the research and future faculty it creates—must be assessed with innovation…at the forefront.”

“The Promise of Business Doctoral Education.”

AACSB Report

The AACSB has made it clear that innovation and its social impact is the only way forward for doctoral business education. Doctoral programs have already embraced innovative practices in problem framing and data analysis to enhance the value students receive for their journey into their newfound career pathway; be it academia or industry. An innovative doctoral education is the key that opens the door to this journey, which is just the beginning. There are other important stakeholders in this life-long journey.

As the first event of its kind, the Conference on Advances in Business Doctoral Education explores how business schools can preserve the established strengths of doctoral education while embracing new technologies and practices to plot a course for the future. Sessions will examine the impact of innovation on all stakeholders, including schools, faculty, students, and industry.

Conference Goals

  1. To create a platform to discuss how doctoral business education advances scholarly research, identifies solutions to real corporate challenges, and informs policy decisions.
  2. To highlight advancements in business theories and share how educators and businesses are applying these to practice.
  3. To encourage doctoral students to conduct relevant research that bridges the gap between academic study and professional practice and/or policy creation.
  4. To explore avenues for enhancing the availability and relevance of doctoral education to meet the evolving needs of pertinent stakeholders.

Who Should Attend?

Conference organizers are requesting submissions from the following:

  1. Faculty interested in the future of doctoral education by
    • Organizing a panel discussion on specific components of doctoral education.
    • Showcasing relevant academic research to members of the business community and policy makers.
  2. Business school deans and program administrators eager to discuss the provocative issues that surround doctoral education, including maintaining rigor, relevance, and sustainability.
  3. Doctoral students engaged in relevant research through a doctoral consortium.
  4. Members of the business community or other stakeholders with a desire to learn how to leverage academic research to achieve their organizational goals.

Conference capacity is limited.

Location / Hotel Information

The conference will be held at the KSU Center in Kennesaw, GA.

Lodging can be booked at the Hampton Inn Kennesaw, 3405 Busbee Drive, Kennesaw, GA 30144. The phone number for reservations is 770-427-2002 or click here to book your rooms. Please ask for the Kennesaw State University rate.


No Cost to Register!

Please RSVP by April 12, 2024

Registration has now been closed. The conference is now full.

Organizing Committee:

Conference Area Area Chair
Conference Chair
Saurabh Gupta / Divesh Sharma
Doctoral Consortium Divesh Sharma / Birton Cowden
Panels See Agenda
Speakers Saurabh Gupta / Jomon Paul / Sweta Sneha
Social / Networking Events Scott Widmier / Molly First / Linda Rowlette