Advanced Majors Program (AMP) offers academically talented students the opportunity for intellectual adventure beyond the average college experience. Contact the Program Director for more information.

    • A community of like-minded students. AMP courses are for science and math majors only, so right away you’ll get to know the other students you’ll be taking classes with for your entire time at KSU. You’ll also meet and receive valuable advice from upper-level students already in the program. Every year, this starts with our big Backstage Access to Success event, a meet-and-greet reception where you’ll meet other AMP students, your academic and faculty advisors, your faculty members, and student clubs in the college.

    • Smaller, student-centered courses. Complete your degree requirements using student-centered, innovative versions of your science and math courses, taught by some of the college’s best faculty. AMP courses are not more difficult than other sections. They cover the same topics and require the same amount of time as different sections of the course, but they include hands-on activities and discussion of real-world applications. The program offers amped-up versions of your required science and math courses so you get the best educational experience possible here at KSU.

    • Additional scholarships. Several scholarships are awarded each year for AMP students only. We partner with organizations in the community that want to support your success by alleviating the financial burden of education.

    • Personalized advising by faculty and professional advisors. All students in the College of Science and Mathematics (CSM) have a designated professional advisor to help you with registration issues and answer questions about degree requirements. In addition, AMP students have access to faculty that will help guide you towards your career goal, whether it’s medical school, working in a research laboratory, or finding a job in the field of your choice.

    • Seminars, workshops, and events geared towards helping you succeed and preparing you for your future occupation. The Advanced Majors Program continually offers events that expose you to different science and math occupations. These include guest speakers from companies, alumni panels, research talks, and visits from professional schools such as medical, dental, and pharmacy schools. Workshops can help you figure out what you want to do with your degree in math or science, and annual events such as Speed Networking give you the chance to get real-world advice from seasoned professionals.

    • Opportunities to perform undergraduate research with top faculty and present your work at local, national, and international meetings. AMP students get hands-on experience in laboratories that helps prepare them to enter into KSU research laboratories in their sophomore or junior years. You are also eligible to apply for exclusive research opportunities in the College, such as the Birla Carbon Scholars Program, or participate in the faculty-led Mentor Protégé Research Program. Presenting your research ensures that your resume stands out when you apply for jobs or future educational opportunities. Other opportunities, like internships or service learning experiences, also provide valuable real-world experience.