Internal Resources for the College of Science and Mathematics at Kennesaw State University.

  • As a student centered, discovery driven and globally engaged R2 research unit, the College of Science and Mathematics (CSM) understands the importance of learning to present knowledge and research both locally and at regional, national and international at conferences and symposiums by traditionally offering poster printing services to our students at no cost. These services are only available for faculty, students, and staff who will be presenting their poster at a conference or symposium and are NOT intended for projects solely associated with student coursework. The guidelines to have your poster printed by department/college staff are listed below.

    We ask that posters for CSM students go through their PI, so they can be checked for content errors, correct size dimensions, university guidelines (logo usage), spelling/grammar, etc... and receive approval. Receiving PI approval and having a second pair of eyes look over the posters before printing has helped cut down on reprints/waste of time and material due to errors. The poster printing online request webform is ONLY available to faculty and staff in the college.

    CSM offers these services as a convenience to our Faculty and students, but it should be noted that we are not a full service print shop and do not guarantee the availability of materials or staff resources on demand. CSM requires advanced notice of at least 3 business days prior to due date (business days do not include Saturday or Sunday).

    For all questions, please contact the admin in your specific department office (listed below):

    • CHEM — Jacqueline Winters-Allen — x 6159
    • EEOB — Desiree Day — x 5100
    • MATH  — Laura Fortenberry  — x 6327
    • MCB — Leah — x 7663
    • PHYSICS — Leah — x 7663


    Helpful Hints:

    • Avoid big blocks of small text.
    • Avoid using a dark color/gradient background.
    • Use a non-serif font (Arial) for titles/headings. Use serif font (Times) for body text. Serif fonts are much easier on the eyes at smaller sizes.
    • Complete the entire poster on a single platform. Switching between PC to Mac or Mac to PC invites disaster, sometimes in the form of lost image files, gibberish text or inoperable corrupt files.
    • Use the programs "insert" or "place" options to insert images or graphics.
      Copying and pasting images/graphics could result in no image or graphic.
    • Tips for designing conference posters - KSU Office of Undergraduate Research
    • Tips for designing conference posters

    Other printing resources on campus:

    There are a couple of printers capable of poster printing for little or no change on campus (listed below), as well as several commercial print shops in Kennesaw who can provide these services too (at a cost).

  • Scantron is a company that produces machine-readable paper forms for recording answers. Students can easily mark their answers with a No. 2 pencil and instructors can then scan their test forms and within minutes, have all of their tests graded. Scantron scanners are located in multiple locations throughout the College of Science and Mathematics buildings on both campuses:

    Kennesaw Campus:
    SC 513
    SC 307
    HS 1206
    Marietta Campus:
    D 219

    For technical support, email with a description of the issue. Make sure to include the room number of the scantron machine and ask to send the service ticket to the CSM TSS.

    For more information about operating Scantron scanners, please read the Scantron Operating and Maintenance Instructions (PDF).

  • CSM Elements is the monthly email newsletter for the College of Science and Mathematics, designed to keep you informed of the latest activities and developments in the college. It is published the first day of each month and sent to CSM faculty and Staff only.

    Do you have noteworthy news, research updates, or a story to share with colleagues?  Send an email to with the subject "Elements Newsletter - College Announcement". Announcements should be submitted 1 week before the first of the upcoming month.

  • Need a faculty website? Submit a KSU Service ticket requesting an account on KSU's FacultyWeb. Once complete, please send an email to the CSM Webmaster, Sara Franka with your FacultyWeb URL, so she can add it to your department directory.

    Need FacultyWeb training? KSU provides various training:

  • Office of University Events - University Events manages the planning and execution of events for the Office of the President, events for university leadership, significant university and community wide events on the Kennesaw and Marietta campuses. Find all the information you need to know on the Office of University Events website, including, but not limited to reservations, catering, parking, public safety, internal events, external events, etc...

    Does you event include minors? More information about Protecting Minors.

    Event Promotion and Resources:

    • CSM Event Promotion Online Request (Owl Tv, Master Calendar, OwlLife and Social Media) - Any changes to the event after this form has been submitted, please email Leah Weaver.
      • OwlTv - The CSM OwlTv digital signage will display ads in rotation on LCD screens located in the CSM buildings, both on the Kennesaw and Marietta campus. Save paper, go digital and submit a request via online form. CSM OwlTv requests are limited to CSM faculty and staff only and must be submitted at least 5 days in advance.
      • CSM Master Calendar - Contact the Deans office to add your student group or department event to the CSM Master Calendar. The CSM master calendar is published on the front page of the department websites, as well as the KSU Master Calendar.
      • KSU OwlLife - OwlLife is the web-based organizations and events platform students use to access Registered Student Organizations, explore various on-campus departments' services, and discover events to enhance your student experience at KSU. Events can be added to the KSU CSM OwlLife page by contacting the Dean's Office.
    • KSU Today - Target Faculty/Staff or Target Students.
    • CSM Elements - listed in above section.
    • Event registration - Qualtrics - (Can be used for free registration) or KSU Mall - (Can be used for paid registration).