Let's Talk About Prerequisites

Many of our courses have prerequisites. This means you must take some courses before you can move on to others.

Below are the prerequisite requirements for each course.

A note on Foundations Modules: Upon acceptance to the program, you may have been asked to complete one or more Foundation Modules. If you were assigned a module or modules, these will be treated as prerequisite courses.

Successful completion of your required module(s) is needed to take specific courses.

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  • CYBR 7000 Cyber Law, Policy, and Enforcement (3 credit hours)
  • CYBR 7050 Cybercrime Detection, Analysis, and Forensics (3 credit hours) 
    Prerequisite: CYBR 7000
  • CYBR 7100 Secure Application Development (3 credit hours) 
    Prerequisite: Programming Principles Module (if required)
  • CYBR 7200 Securing Enterprise Infrastructure (3 credit hours) 
    Prerequisite: Computing Infrastructure and Data Communications & Networking Modules (if required)
  • CYBR 7220 Mobile and Cloud Security (3 credit hours) 
    Prerequisite: CYBR 7200
  • CYBR 7240 Cyber Analytics and Intelligence (3 credit hours) 
    Prerequisite: CYBR 7200
  • CYBR 7300 Management of Cybersecurity (3 credit hours) 
  • CYBR 7350 Contingency Planning for Cybersecurity (3 credit hours) 
    Prerequisite: CYBR 7300
  • CYBR 7400 Introductions to Cryptography and Its Applications (3 credit hours) 
    Prerequisite: CYBR 7200
  • Capstone Course: Students will select ONE of the capstone courses listed below.
  • CYBR 7910 Capstone in Cybersecurity Practicum (3 credit hours)
    Prerequisites: CYBR 7100, CYBR 7220 & CYBR 7240 
  • CYBR 7930 Capstone in Cybersecurity Management (3 credit hours)
    Prerequisite: CYBR 7350

How Can I Plan Out My Classes To Make Sure I Am Meeting Prerequisite Requirements?

Your academic advising team is always happy to help you plan out your classes for upcoming semesters. 

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