Student Application Process

A Graduate Research Assistantship (GRA) is a learning opportunity for MS-CYBR students, which supports professionalism in the context of the program, while also providing financial support. An overview of the experience follows:

1. A GRA student commits to working a number of hours per week in the funded semester, depending on the needs of the faculty member and their available funding, as shown in the following:

  • Tier 1 GRA: 10 Hours/Week, Tuition Waiver of 6 hours/semester, Stipend of $3,000/semester.
  • Tier 2 GRA: 15 Hours/Week, Tuition Waiver of 9 hours/semester, Stipend of $4,500/semester.
  • Tier 3 GRA: 19 Hours/Week, Tuition Waiver of 12 hours/semester, Stipend of $6,000/semester.    

2. GRA students are not Teaching Assistants (TAs). 

For specific information on policies and procedures, please go to the Graduate Program website:

For MS-Cybersecurity GRA positions:

1. Students should complete the GRA application at

2. Students then post their application along with other needed information on the GRA Job Board:

GRA Application Quick Links