Certificate in Robotics Programming

The certificate in robotics programming at Kennesaw State University is designed to combine aspects of engineering, computer science and the design of physical robotic systems and the software necessary for intelligent control. This certificate will introduce you to various mechanical, electrical, software and operational aspects of robotic systems, and you will gain practical engineering and software development experience in laboratories and automation-type projects.


KSU Robotics Programming students in the classroom

Program Snapshot

Required Courses: (15 credit hours)

  • MTRE 3710: Mechatronics Engineering Fundamentals
  • MTRE 4001: Modeling and Feedback Control of Dynamic Systems
  • MTRE 4002L: Feedback Control Laboratory
  • MTRE 4200: Robotics Analysis and Synthesis
  • CS 3305: Data Structures

Electives (6 Credit Hours)
Select six credit hours from the following:

  • CS 3642: Artificial Intelligence
  • CS 4732: Machine Vision
  • CS 4267: Machine Learning

Total Number of Credit Hours: 21


Department of Robotics and Mechatronics Engineering

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