Minor in Lusophone Studies

The Minor in Lusophone Studies brings the Portuguese-speaking world to life. This cross-disciplinary program offers opportunities to learn Portuguese as a world language while studying literature and engaging in one-on-one conversations with our experienced professors. From literature and listening to one-on-one contact with your professors, the Minor in Lusophone Studies brings the Portuguese-speaking world to life!

This minor program offers courses in Lusophone (Portuguese-Speaking) Language, Cultures, and Literature which incorporates courses in Foreign Languages, History, Anthropology, and the possibility of study abroad experiences.


KSU Lusophone Studies students in the classroom
  • Program Snapshot

    Required Courses: 9 Credit Hours
    Students must take the following courses or equivalents: 

    • PORT 2002: Intermediate Portuguese II
    • PORT 3200: Advanced Reading and Writing in Portuguese
    • PORT 3304: Introduction to Lusophone Literatures and Cultures

    Elective Courses: 6 Credit Hours
    In addition, students will need to complete at least two (2) courses from the following options, with exception to student who has passes the Advanced Standing Exam and/or is exempt from PORT 2002. Those students will need to complete three (3) courses from the following options: 

    • ANTH 3365: Afro-Brazilian Culture and Politics
    • FL 4400: Directed Study

    note: Directed Study must be related to Portuguese/Lusophone language, literature, and/or cultures. Please see the Coordinator of Portuguese about this option. 

    • HIST 3367: History of Brazil
    • PORT 3302: Conversation in Portuguese
    • SA 4490: Upper-division Study Abroad

    Note: Study Abroad must be to a Portuguese-speaking country of region

Total Number of Credit Hours: 15


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