Minor in Peace Studies

The Peace Studies Minor serves you to pursue a life dedicated to a more just and peaceful world.  This interdisciplinary program prepares you for careers in a wide range of professions, including those in human relations, veteran affairs, patient care, academic services, child services, government and law, nonprofit organizations with the community- and regionally focused objectives, and non-governmental organizations dedicated to transforming international conflict. This minor also helps you prepare for advanced studies in political science, international relations, conflict management, public administration, and a host of other subjects.

The Peace Studies Minor program consists of five (5) courses (two required and three electives) of undergraduate study across the disciplines. These courses may be taken in any order, and the capstone is optional. A minimum of six (6) hours in the minor must be taken in residence at Kennesaw State University.


KSU peace studies students in the classroom

Program Snapshot

Required Courses: 6 Credit Hours

  • PAX 3600: Theories of Non-violence
  • PAX 4000: Peacebuilding Methods

Elective Courses: 9 Credit Hours
Select three (3) courses from the following:

  • ORGC 3325: Intercultural Communication
  • GWST 3070: Gender and Social Justice
  • PAX 3300: Peace and the Environment
  • PAX 3100: Peace and Religion
  • PAX 3220: Peace and Film
  • PAX 3780: Trends in Peace Studies
  • PAX 4400: Directed Study in Peace Studies
  • PAX 4490: Special Topics in Peace Studies
  • PAX 4499: Seminar in Peace Studies
  • SOCI 3360: Sociology of Violence
  • MUSI 3316: Music and the Holocaust
  • PHIL 3120: Philosophies of Peace
  • PHIL 3100: Ethics
  • BIOL 4486: Bioethics

Total Number of Credit Hours: 15


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