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The Master of Science in Information Technology program enhances students' career options in the management, performance and integration of information technology systems. The career opportunities for MSIT graduates include IT manager, security analyst/engineer, data analyst, health IT management, application developer, etc. The double owl pathway will allow BSCS students who want to pursue MSIT degree to complete their undergraduate and graduate study within five years. With the accelerated pathway, BSCS students will not only get their graduate degree in MSIT faster, but also will have wider range of career opportunities at the time of graduation.

Graduate Program Information

Salary and Career Information

Students and teacher

Double Owl Admission Requirements

  • GPA: 3.25 or above in KSU undergraduate coursework
  • Minimum 60 hours completed toward Bachelor's degree
  • 12 hours completed in residence at KSU

Double Counted Courses

  • IT 6203 to count for Major Elective 1
  • IT 6413 to count for Major Elective 2
  • IT 6823 to count for Major Elective 3

Pathway of Study

Pathway of Study

Suggested Timeline

Apply to Double Owl early in Junior year. Apply to Graduate Program in Senior Year by posted graduate program deadline. 

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Contact Information

Undergraduate Information

Undergraduate Degree
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Department / College
Computer Science / College of Computing and Software Engineering
Rm. 338, J Building

Advising Contact
Selena He, Advisor

Graduate Information

Graduate Degree
Master of Science in Information Technology

Department / College
Information Technology / College of Computing and Software Engineering
Rm. 378B, J Building

Advising Contact
Shirley Tian, Graduate Program Director