Career and Academic Opportunities

Students who complete this Double Owl Pathway will be well-suited to apply to Ph.D programs in a variety of disciplines. These include not only American Studies and Anthropology, but also Cultural Studies fields such as Native American and Indigenous Studies or Gender Studies. They will also be prepared for careers in museum studies or anthropological fieldwork. The American Studies program's emphasis on community engagement combined with the Anthropology program's emphasis on experiential learning will also prepare graduates to collaborate with local community-based settings for non-profit agencies.

Graduate Program Information

Salary and Career Information

Anthropology students

Double Owl Admission Requirements

  • KSU GPA: 3.00
  • 60 hours completed toward bachelor's degree
  • At least 30 hours in residence at KSU
  • Writing sample that demonstrates applicant is capable of completing graduate-level courses successfully.

Double Counted Courses

  • AMST 6201 to count for Upper Elective A
  • AMST 6401 to count for Upper Elective B
  • AMST 7000 or AMST 7100 to count for Upper Elective C

Pathway of Study

Pathway of Study - Effective Fall 2024

Suggested Timeline

Students should apply to this Double Owl Pathway in the second semester of their sophomore year.

Accepted Double Owl students will need to apply to their Graduate Program by the posted deadline for the semester immediately following graduation with the Bachelors degree.

How To Apply
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Contact Information

Undergraduate Information

Undergraduate Degree
Bachelor of Science in Antropology

Department / College
Geography and Anthropology / Radow College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Willingham Hall, Room 202H

Advising Contact
Christine Jacobs, Advisor

Graduate Information

Graduate Degree
Master of Arts in American Studies

Department / College
Interdisciplinary Studies / Radow College of Humanities and Social Science
English Building, Room 173

Advising Contact
Miriam Brown Spiers, Program Director