Career and Academic Opportunities

The Master of Arts in Professional Writing degree prepares candidates for a wide variety of writing-related positions in business, education, publishing and the arts. MAPW graduates pursue careers as writers, editors, consultants in corporate and nonprofit fields, public relations specialists, corporate trainers, technical writers, writing instructors in colleges and high schools, writers for magazines, communication managers, marketing directors, media relations directors, journalists and other writing and researched centered occupations.

Also MAPW graduates go on to terminal degree programs at such institutions as Arizona State University, Georgia State University, Miami University-Oxford Ohio, Colorado State University, University of Georgia, Union University, Mercer University, Kennesaw State University, and Columbus State University. In addition, many are published novelists, poets, non-fiction writers and playwrights.

Graduate Program Information

Salary and Career Information

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Admission Requirements

Double Owl Admission Requirements 
  • Have completed 60 credit hours towards a bachelor of arts degree in English with a minimum 3.00 GPA.
  • Completed at least 18 of those hours in residence at KSU.

Double Counted Courses

The MAPW is a concentration-based program, with concentrations in Creative Writing, Applied Writing, or Composition and Rhetoric. Students may either take all three Double Owl courses in their preferred concentration or select courses from multiple concentrations. Recommended courses from each concentration include:

Creative Writing

  • STVW 6490
  • PRWR 6460
  • PRWR 6470
  • PRWR 6480
  • PRWR 6520

Applied Writing

  • PRWR 6240
  • PRWR 6255
  • PRWR 6410
  • PRWR 6440
  • PRWR 6570
  • PRWR 6800
  • PRWR 6810
  • PRWR 7810

Composition and Rhetoric

  • PRWR 6150
  • PRWR 6500
  • PRWR 6750
  • PRWR 6760
  • PRWR 6860

Pathway of Study

Pathway of Study - Effective Fall 2024

Pathway of Study - Effective Spring 2021

Suggested Timeline

Students should apply to this Double Owl Pathway in the second semester of their sophomore year.

Accepted Double Owl students will need to apply to their Graduate Program by the posted deadline for the semester immediately following graduation with the Bachelors degree.

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Contact Information

Undergraduate Information

Undergraduate Degree
Bachelor of Arts in English

Department / College
English / Radow College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Willingham Hall, Suite 202

Advising Contact
Undergraduate Advising Center

Graduate Information

Graduate Degree
Master of Arts in Professional Writing

Department / College
English / Radow College of Humanities and Social Sciences
English Building, Room 155D

Advising Contact
Aaron Levy, Graduate Program Director