Career and Academic Opportunities

Graduates of this pathway pursue careers in information security contexts, including in corporate and public service sectors. Cybersecurity graduates are in high demand and this trend is likely to continue. History majors bring strong analytic, critical thinking, investigative, and communication skills to the Cybersecurity MS.

Salary and Career Information

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Admission Requirements

Double Owl Admission Requirements 
  • GPA: 3.25 or above in KSU undergraduate coursework
  • Minimum 60 hours completed toward Bachelor's degree
  • 30 hours completed in residence at KSU
Double Counted Courses Include
  • CYBR 7000 to count for Related Studies (4 of 6)
  • CYBR 7300 to count for Related Studies (5 of 6)
  • CYBR 7050 to count for Related Studies (6 of 6)
Graduate Admission Requirements

Suggested Timeline

Apply to Double Owl early in Junior year. Apply to Graduate Program in Senior Year by posted graduate program deadline. 

Sample Academic Plan Apply
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Contact Information

Undergraduate Information

Undergraduate Degree
Bachelor of Arts in History

Department / College
History and Philosophy / Radow College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Social Science Building, Room 4128

Advising Contact
Dr. Bryan McGovern, Department Chair

Graduate Information

Graduate Degree
Master of Science in Cybersecurity

Department / College
Institute for Cybersecurity Workforce Development
House 3203, Room 203

Advising Contact
Gina Gavin, Advisor