Career and Academic Opportunities

IA Majors have strong research and critical thinking skills and knowledge of the multicultural world. The MSCM provides a valuable opportunity for IA majors to apply and enhance these skills as they relate to conflict management and to use these skills in a variety of career contexts including: Patient care advocate, Diplomat, Employee Relations Specialist, Humanitarian Relief Specialist, Child Advocate, Organizational Consultant, Ombudsman, Facilitator, Divorce and Family Mediator, Juvenile Court Mediator, Arbitrator, Victim-witness Advocate, Crisis Negotiator, CIA, FBI, Homeland Security, Secret Service, Consular Officer, Human Rights Advocate

Salary and Career Information

Student is focusing

Admission Requirements

Double Owl Admission Requirements 
  • 3.25 KSU GPA
  • 30 hours in residence at KSU
Double Counted Courses Include
  • MSCM 7210 to count for Related Studies
  • MSCM 7220 to count for Related Studies
  • MSCM 7230 (1 credit hour) and MSCM 7205 (2 credit hours) to count for Related Studies
Graduate Admission Requirements

Suggested Timeline

Apply to Double Owl early in Junior year. Apply to Graduate Program in Senior Year by posted graduate program deadline. 

Sample Academic Plan Apply
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Contact Information

Undergraduate Information

Undergraduate Degree
Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs

Department / College
School of Government and International Affairs / Radow College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Social Science Building, Room 5065

Advising Contact
Stephen Collins, Program Coordinator

Graduate Information

Graduate Degree
Master of Science in Conflict Management

Department / College
School of Conflict Management, Peace Building & Development / Radow College of Humanities and Social Sciences
House 3201, Room 113

Advising Contact
Amanda Reinke, Program Coordinator