International Safety and Security Resources

At Kennesaw State, we understand that the safety and security of our students, faculty, and staff is paramount when it comes to fostering a conducive learning environment across borders. This comprehensive resource hub provides you with essential information, guidelines, and tools to navigate the diverse safety and security landscape in international education. Our team in Global Education strives to equip you with the knowledge and support necessary for a safe and enriching global educational experience at KSU.

  • Register for Insurance

    Students and faculty or staff leading education abroad programs are registered for the university’s student policy automatically by the Education Abroad Office. 

    Students traveling on an academic or co-curricular international experience not managed through the Education Abroad Office must notify the Office of International Safety & Security of their travels in order to be eligible for enrollment in the university’s supplemental international insurance policy for students. Failure to do so may result in limited capability for the university to assist you in the event of an emergency abroad. There may be additional implications for any university funding or credit received associated with the experience. Contact for more information.

    Employees traveling internationally on business are eligible for the university’s business policy, which is offered at no cost. Faculty and staff can register their travel with CISI at Business Travelers.


    Using the Insurance:

    For questions prior to departure, including identifying providers, obtaining information on setting up appointments in-country for preexisting conditions or continued care abroad, legalities or availability of certain medications or equivalencies in-country, etc., please contact CISI directly via:

    • Logging in to your CISI account at
    • Using the CISI Traveler App
    • General Questions Inside the U.S., call 800-303-8120, x5130
    • Outside the U.S., call +1-203-399-5130
    • Emergency Assistance Inside the U.S., call 1-855-327-1411
    • Outside the U.S., call +1-312-935-1703
    • Email

    You will need to provide your ID number as well as verify personal identifying information such as date of birth.

    While travelers can pursue treatment at any local medical facility or with any licensed medical provider, note that CISI has preferred providers. These are providers or facilities with which CISI has worked with in the past and for which they may be able to set up direct pay or a guarantee of payment so that you will not have to pay out of pocket. You will need to contact and start a case with CISI in advance of care in order for them to provide a guarantee of payment.

    Note that international insurance does not work like insurance here in the United States. If you simply walk in to a clinic and show your insurance card at the time of service, most providers will not know what to do with the card and may say they cannot accept it. This is why it is beneficial to contact CISI in advance if you know you will be seeking treatment. They can work on the back end to identify a provider, set up an appointment and pay the provider directly on your behalf.

    If you opt to seek treatment prior to contacting CISI or if you wish to use a different provider and pay out of pocket, please keep all receipts and documentation so that you may seek reimbursement.

    For emergency medical assistance while abroad, please first contact the local 911 emergency services and then contact +1-312-935-1703 or call the KSU 24/7 International Emergency Phone at +1-470-578-6666.


    Filing a Claim:

    In order to file a claim for reimbursement of charges paid out-of-pocket, be sure to keep all receipts and any additional documentation related to your out-of-pocket medical expenses.  You can find a claim form by logging in to your CISI account at or on the Business Traveler portal at   The form should be completed in its entirety and sent along with itemized bills for all amounts being claimed to one of the following:

    Mail to:

    Cultural Insurance Services International,
    1 High Ridge Park, Stamford, CT 06905
    Email to
    Fax to (203) 399-5596

  • Our dedicated Media page provides helpful podcast episodes and the Travel Risk Series; a set of presentations covering topics like health, safety, and security while abroad. Here, you will find insights into the role of media in ethical and social situations that directly address safety information.

    By exploring our media, you will gain the knowledge and tools necessary to help you navigate while traveling abroad including advice on social media, mental health, LGBTQ+, first time traveling, traveling as a person of color and much more!

    learn more
  • On Call International helps Kennesaw State University fulfill its duty of care to travelers by providing pre-departure travel briefings as well as in-country security alerts to registered travelers abroad.

    On Call International provides travel security briefings to registered travelers 48 hours prior to departure based on the itinerary information provided.  Trip briefings include information related to safety and security advice, practical travel advice, local etiquette, weather conditions, cultural information and more.

    On Call International also sends security alerts to travelers about incidents in the reported destination that may impact the traveler. These alerts can range from notices about demonstrations or strikes that enable travelers to assess their daily itinerary and make any logistical changes necessary to notifications and updates pertaining to major security incidents.

    To receive the maximum benefit from On Call International, make sure that you have supplied an accurate itinerary. If you book a flight in Concur, this will be prepopulated to On Call International. However, faculty and staff traveling for business who purchase airfare or make arrangements outside of Concur will need to email their itinerary information to Please cc

    Similarly, all KSU travelers who embark on side-trips outside of their registered travel should notify On Call International of their additional travel by emailing their itinerary information to Please cc

    To expedite the process of registering your travel, please state in your email that you are a KSU traveler and provide the following information:

    • Flight itinerary
    • Train/bus itinerary (if applicable)
    • Accommodations
  • Health & Safety Trainings for International Program Leaders

    The health and safety training for international program leaders is an annual, in-person required training for all faculty or staff accompanying student groups abroad. The material presented covers pre-departure resources for preparation of group travel, tips to improve situational awareness and reviews standard protocols for responding to health and safety incidents that may arise abroad. Specific attention is paid to utilizing the resources of the supplemental insurance and understanding particular areas of federal compliance related to education abroad.


    Schedule a Risk Consult

    The Office of International Safety & Security is pleased to offer bespoke risk consults to faculty or staff traveling internationally. If you would like to request a one-on-one meeting or phone conversation to discuss your concerns, please follow the link below and complete the form.



    Health and Safety Advising

    The Office of International Safety & Security is pleased to offer drop-in hours from 1 - 4 p.m. on Wednesdays for students with questions specifically related to health, safety or security abroad.  To schedule an appointment outside of these hours, please contact

    Faculty or staff with questions are encouraged to Schedule a Risk Consult.


    Request a Group Security Briefing

    The Office of International Safety & Security is pleased to offer group security briefings to cover health, safety and security concerns for student groups traveling internationally. If you would like to request a group presentation, please follow the link below and complete the form.

  • In compliance with the federal law known as the "Clery Act" The KSU Annual Security and Fire Safety Report is available.  It contains information on campus crime statistics, safety programs and KSU policy.

    You may view the information on the KSU Clery compliance website. Brochures with this information are also available in Human Resources and the Department of Public Safety and University Police.

    Read the report

    The Department of Public Safety and University Police on the Kennesaw campus is located at 351 Paulding Ave, Building 351 on the campus map near the West Parking Deck.

    On the Marietta campus the Department of Public Safety and University Police is located at 1100 South Marietta Pkwy, Building R2 on the campus map.

    Human Resources is located on the second floor of the Town Point building behind Springhill Suites.