Mission Statement

KSU Graduate College aims to support the delivery of innovative, evidence-based, and holistic approaches to graduate admissions; the Graduate College further aims to support programs with the development and revision of strong programs that meet students’ needs. We center our mission on students and their success during and following graduate school at KSU. 

To achieve this mission, the Graduate College aims to: 

  1. Engage in clear, transparent and timely processes, policies, and communication associated with the student pipeline from recruitment to graduation and beyond.
  2. Work collaboratively with academic colleges to ensure best practices in graduate education.  
  3. Serve as a partner in strategic analysis of program (re)development in line with student demand, workforce needs, and university capacity.

family at ksu commencement ceremony outside

ksu graduate college staff attending commencement ceremony

Interested in obtaining your graduate degree or certificate from Kennesaw State University? Here at the Graduate College, we offer programs that are flexible, affordable and recognized around the world!

Learn more about our dedicated faculty and staff, contact information and what makes the Graduate College at KSU the best option for pursuing your graduate school ambitions.

Graduate College Faculty and Staff

Annual Report

In this annual report, you will find our vision—to support all students in reaching their educational and career potential, data on our successful initiatives, as well as rich stories of individual students’ lives, impacted by their time at KSU.

Aspire Higher Graduate College Annual Report