Local / Open: $4.15 pci
501(c)3 Organizations: $3.60 pci
University Affiliated: $3.32 pci
Student Organizations: $2.06 pci

Special Edition Rates
Rates for Special Issues increase 20%.

Pre-Printed Insertions
A copy of pre-printed insertions must be sent three (3) weeks prior to the requested insertion date to advertising@ksusm.com for content approval. Inserts must arrive at Greater Georgia Printers two (2) weeks before insertion date.

Insertion costs: $100 per thousand (2,000 min). Address for inserts:

Greater Georgia Printers
ATTN: Chuck Gabriel
1263 Athens Road
Crawford, GA 30630

Call us for details: 470-578-6470

Approximately 5,000 copies are printed. The Sentinel is free at multiple distribution points on our Kennesaw and Marietta campus as well as through student-to-student distribution.

Color is available on pre-selected, pages: Front page, 2nd page, 7th page, and Back page. Four color process/full CMYK price is determined by the size of the advert.

The Sentinel accepts payment by check or money order. Full payment is due three (3) business days prior to publication. Please make checks or money orders payable to:

The Sentinel
395 Cobb Ave. NW
MD 0507 
Kennesaw, GA 30144-5591

University Affiliated payments must be paid through OwlPay. Email advertising@ksusm.com for more information.

Ad reservations are due by 5pm the Tuesday before the requested issue. Delayed ad reservations can be made by 5pm the Friday prior to print with an overall 10% late fee.

Artwork and payment is due by 5pm the Thursday before requested issue. If the artwork, contract and payment are not received by deadline, publication is not guaranteed.

Specifications & Column Widths
PLEASE NOTE: The Sentinel continues to offer ads in easy-to-understand modular format, but for precise quality, here are The Sentinel’s page specifications and column widths:

Page Specifications:
6 column broadsheet 
Trim size: 13.75" x 22.5"
20.5" printable page depth
12.5" printable page width
25"wide centerspread (includes gutter)

Column widths:
1 column = 1.98"
2 columns = 4.13"
3 columns = 6.25"
4 columns = 8.44"
5 columns = 10.6"
6 columns = 12.5"

Ad Delivery: Digital
The Sentinel’s prepress process is 100% digital and supports the following formats: PDF, TIFF, PSD, and high-quality JPEG. Images must be saved in 300 DPI resolution for optimal printing quality. When preparing a PDF, please make sure to embed all fonts and do not crop the ad image. PDF format is preferred. Color images should be prepared for CMYK printing. E-mail art to advertising@ksusm.com.

Classified Advertising
The Sentinel is no longer able to offer classifieds in the print edition. However, we do offer FREE classifieds in our online edition. To place an ad or browse, visit The Sentinel Classifieds.

Acceptance Policies
The management of KSU Student Media reserves the right to reject any advertisement it deems objectionable due to subject matter, illustration, phraseology, or set-up. The management of KSU Student Media will not guarantee positioning or placement but will honor requests when possible.

Ad Sizes & Prices

Custom sizes are available upon request - email advertising@ksusm.com for more information)