FOLIO Migration 

In 2023, GALILEO selected FOLIO (Future of Libraries is Open) as its new Library Management System for the 26 colleges and universities in the University System of Georgia (USG). It will be supported by EBSCO through the migration process and hosting. The plan is for FOLIO to be operational by June 2025.


What to expect in the upcoming year from a researcher perspective:

  • May 30th, 2024 – A newly designed interface to SuperSearch
  • May 2025 – A new catalog for searching books, ebooks, and other items at the KSU University Libraries


More about FOLIO:

Migration Project Plan:


  • Summer 2024 – Institutional Access to FOLIO pre-production environments
  • July 2024 – February 2025 – FOLIO member tenant implementation begins including data extract iterations and configurations
  • February 2025 - FOLIO releases version of application that USG will go live with
  • March 2025 – Dress Rehearsal – Full extractions of all data required (EBSCO will perform a full load, integrations, and build test strategies. 2 weeks
  • April 2025 – Pre-live training provided by EBSCO and GIL Staff.  
  • June 2025 - USG Go-Live

Monthly Updates

  • The kickoff event to migration took place at the GALILEO User Group Meeting in Macon. The EBSCO leaders welcomed us to the FOLIO community and provided updates on features and products. Library employees have been working hard in the past several months with data cleanup projects to prepare for the testing period later in 2024.