My first semester: Camden Edwards finds a home at Kennesaw State

KENNESAW, Ga. | Jan 10, 2023

The first semester of college is a time of transition and growth as students spread their wings and begin to navigate their academic careers, discover new interests and make lasting memories. In recognition of that significant step, we are highlighting students who have just completed their first semesters at Kennesaw State University. Camden Edwards, from Cumming, Ga., is already making a difference on campus as she pursues a degree in entrepreneurship.

Camden Edwards
Camden Edwards

Tell us about yourself.
I am from Cumming, Georgia and I am majoring in entrepreneurship to pursue my passion of photography and bringing my dream of a faith-based apparel brand to life. I am a brand ambassador for Kennesaw State University and run my own portrait photography business. I also intern as a sales partner at a merchandise place.

Why did you decide to study at KSU?
Before I even toured the university, I knew it was the college for me. This university offered my major and had such a beautiful campus. The location was also perfect—only about an hour away from home so I could easily visit my family and friends while also living on campus. I just knew I belonged at Kennesaw State. 

What are some of your favorite memories from your first semester? 
My favorite memories definitely have to be with my roommates. We have the most fun and they make living here even better. One of my favorite memories with them was when they surprised me a few weeks ago. I was feeling extremely stressed and had quite a lot on my plate. They decided to take me to my favorite restaurant located forty minutes away and bought me a cute little gift basket. My boyfriend also showed up at the restaurant. It was extremely sweet and showed me even more how much they all cared for me. They are my best friends, and my favorite college moments will always include them. 

How did your first semester of college compare to your expectations? 
It exceeded my expectations. I knew I would have a great time, but I did not expect to enjoy it this much. I have met so many great people and have already made my favorite memories in so little time. I was nervous to graduate high school and move on to this next chapter of my life, but now I am so happy I am here living in this chapter. I absolutely love it.

As you adjusted to college this semester, who or what has been your greatest support at KSU? 
My two roommates, Siena and Julia, have been there with me through everything. No matter how late it is or what I am going through, they have continuously been there to listen and do all they can to help. I am very grateful for everything they have and will continue to do for me. They will be lifelong friends.

Outside of class, what did you do to get involved at KSU in your first semester?
I had wanted to be a KSU Brand Ambassador months before I even attended, and when I finally received the offer, I was extremely happy. Being a Brand Ambassador gave me several opportunities to meet new people and connect with them. I also went to several different events and attended a lot of the sports games already. I also became involved with the host team for the Living Room at Woodstock City Church. I heard of this opportunity from someone I met in class one day and the Living Room team happened to be on campus then as well. I went with this new friend to go meet the whole team and, just like that, I was part of the volunteer experience. This gave me the opportunity to serve and help at the church while also growing in my faith and meeting like-minded people. 

What do you think about the FLIGHT26 activities?
I engaged with the Flight 26 initiative by going to the football games, hockey games, as well as attending welcome week events.

Did your college plan change at all during your first semester? 
My college plan did not really change at all during the semester. I have wanted to be an entrepreneur for as long as I could remember and knew KSU was an amazing place to pursue this.

What are you looking forward to for the next few semesters?
Over the next few semesters, I am excited to continue meeting new people, going to events, and discovering more opportunities. If the first few months at this school have been amazing, I have no doubt that I am going to have the best time over the next few years. This place is my home now and I found my people. Kennesaw State has provided me with some of the best friends, memories, and experiences. I am extremely excited for my future at this school.

–Photos by  Darnell Wilburn

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