Class Rosters

Faculty with a Buckley Form on file in the Registrar’s Office will have access to the class roster through the Faculty tab in Owl Express. If the Faculty tab is not available, the faculty member must submit a completed Buckley form to the Office of the Registrar.

The Class Roster will display the class information, student IDs, student names, prerequisite indicator, credit hours, grade or withdrawal grade, date of registration and major.

Buckley Form Email Registrar

To Access Class Rosters

  • Go to
  • Select Faculty & Staff
  • Select "Owl Express", located under the Computing Resources menu.
  • Enter your NETID and Password
  • Select Faculty Services, then select Search for Sections by Instructor.
  • Enter your KSU ID.
  • Select the CRN to view roster.

Student Status

The status column will show the student's registration status:
RE or RW - Registered, WC - Withdrawn, WL - Wait-listed (not officially enrolled).
A grade of W or WF will be displayed for students who have withdrawn.
A grade of V will be displayed for a student Auditing the course.


The "Prerequisite Met" indicator column displays whether the student has met the prerequisite for the course. This is important as students are encouraged to satisfy the prerequisite before enrolling in the course.