Insight Dashboards provides users with real-time student engagement data for data-informed decision-making and program improvement. Data is gathered from a Owl Life, Banner, and Fusion to provide a holistic view of student engagement within a particular department or population of students and is used to improve the student experience and student success outcomes.

Dashboard data is meant to be used within an operational context to understand the immediate impact of programs and services on the student body. Data from dashboards is useful in identifying trends and quickly communicating outcomes through visualizations. 

Dashboard data may also be used to support a department's 1-2-3 Assessment Plan and/or Annual Reporting.

DSA Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Participating department within the Division of Student Affairs are issued a Departmental Standard View Dashboard of departmental student engagement data. The Standard View Dashboards use shared Key Performance Indicators across the Division to provide users with quick access to shared data points.

There are no established minimum performance expectations associated with any KPIs. KPIs are intended to help promote a common language around student engagement data and encourage sharing and learning among colleagues. Interpretation of KPIs should be dependent on a department's mission and functional area within the Division of Student Affairs. 

A summary of current KPIs are:

  • Count of Programs in Owl Life
  • Count of Cancelled Events in Owl Life
  • Average Program Attendance
  • Programs by Modality
  • Average Interactions per Student (by Programs and Check-Ins)
  • Unique Students Served (by Programs and Check-Ins)
  • Total Interactions Captured (by Programs and Check-Ins)
  • Programs by Day and Time of Day
  • Center/Office Visits by Hour
  • Average Daily Center/Office Attendance
  • Center/Office Visits by Month
  • Center/Office Visits by Day and Hour
  • Total Interactions by Month