KSU Student Assessment and Engagement

Our department is dedicated to fostering an enriched educational experience by strategically evaluating and enhancing student engagement and student success across all academic paths. Through data analysis and innovative approaches, we empower both educators and learners to thrive in an environment that values continuous improvement. Join us in our commitment to elevate the educational journey, as we collaborate to shape a vibrant and effective learning landscape at Kennesaw State.

  • In our goal to study the growth of student engagement nurtured by our departments, we must explore every avenue. One often overlooked realm for assessment is the realm of social media and virtual programming outreach.

    To aid the Division of Student Affairs in effectively elucidating our virtual footprint, the Department of Strategic Planning, Assessment, and Analysis (SPAA) has curated resources tailored to the collection and evaluation of social media data. These tools are designed to assist you in seamlessly integrating digital student engagement into your department's reporting and strategic choices.

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  • To assist the campus community in accurately tracking event attendance, SPAA maintains an inventory of Owl Life Card Readers and Laptops that can be checked out to KSU departments. Card Readers are used in conjunction with Owl Life events and give students access to an accurate co-curricular record of their campus engagement.

    For events that have been approved to be listed as part of Scrappy's Bucket List, event attendance is a requirement. Please be sure to have created your event in Owl Life prior to submitting a request to borrow an Owl Life Card Reader. If you need any assistance with Owl Life, please email spaa@kennesaw.edu.


    Student Organization Card Reader Requests

    If you are a member of a Registered Student Organization requesting to borrow an Owl Life Card Reader, please visit the Department of Student Activities.

    All Card Reader requests for student organizations must be submitted via the Department of Student Activtiies.

  • We have a responsibility of receiving, assessing, and satisfying data inquiries for student engagement data on behalf of the Division of Student Affairs rests with the Strategic Planning, Assessment, and Analysis team. To initiate a request for KSU student engagement data, you can utilize the online form provided here.

    Our commitment lies in the efficient evaluation and processing of these data requests, with a target processing time of 5-7 business days for all comprehensive and endorsed Student Engagement Data Requests.

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  • Diverse tools are harnessed by the Division of Student Affairs (DSA) to support our assessment goals and unwavering dedication to ongoing student success and enhancement. This platform offers an insight into the spectrum of tools accessible to DSA personnel, accompanied by resources provided to facilitate the integration and optimizing of best practices.

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