Student Engagement Through Social Media

How do we tell the whole story of student engagement facilitated by our departments? One area you may not have considered assessing is your social media and virtual programming outreach.

To support the Division of Student Affairs in better articulating our virtual impact, Strategic Planning, Assessment, and Analysis (SPAA) has compiled resources focused on social media data collection and assessment tools. These resources will support you in incorporating digital student engagement in your department's reporting and decision-making.  

Social Media Analytics Resources

If you are using a social media platform that is not listed above and you would like our assistance to determine how to best capture interactions and other analytics, please send us an email at  

Survey Tools

  • Qualtrics is a software tool that is available to all KSU faculty, staff, and students for use in creating online surveys. It provides the technology and resources required to create a comprehensive assessment approach.

  • Microsoft Forms, a part of o365, allows users to easily create surveys and polls to collect feedback and measure satisfaction. 


  • Owl Life is an event management and attendance tracking tool used within DSA. Owl Life allows Event creators to send automatic post-event surveys to attendees. Organizers are able to send out a 5-star rating question and are given the option to create custom questions that will be sent to event attendees.

Do you have questions about assessing student engagement in a virtual environment? If so, we are here to help! Reach out to Strategic Planning, Assessment, and Analysis via email at