Faculty and Staff Training

Recovery Ally Training is a 3-hour program designed for KSU faculty and staff. Participants in Recovery Ally Training will learn effective ways to support students who may be struggling with substances or are in recovery from substance use disorder. Training addresses data and statistics about substance use and recovery at KSU, the Continuum of Care, how addiction and recovery fit into the Social Ecological Model, explanation of substance use disorder and recovery, brief motivational interviewing techniques, campus resources and how to provide a warm hand-off, non-stigmatizing recovery dialects, and interactive scenarios. Participants receive a workbook to complete during the training and as a reference after the training.
Faculty and Staff can sign up through Owl Train: 

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Student Training

Student Recovery Ally Training is a 1 hour and 15 minute online workshop designed for students who are interested in supporting those in or seeking recovery.

Students who participate in Recovery Ally Training will learn:

  • About substance use disorder and recovery
  • Ways to support friends and loved ones in recovery
  • About recovery support resources
  • How to navigate substance use on and off campus
  • How laws and policies affect students in recovery
  • Non-stigmatizing recovery dialects through interactive scenarios and conversation.