KCash allows students, faculty and staff to conveniently make purchases on campus using their campus ID card as an on-campus debit card anywhere that accepts KCash.

KCash Account Manager

KCash Machine Locations

Deposit KCash to your account or check your balance using the machines in the following locations:

Kennesaw Campus

  • The Commons dining hall - main entrance
  • Horace W. Sturgis Library - ground floor
  • James V. Carmichael Student Center - second floor
  • Social Sciences Building - third floor

Marietta Campus

  • Atrium Building - in the atrium (adjacent to STACKS)
  • Joe Mack Wilson Student Center - second floor
  • Lawrence V. Johnson Library - second floor (near the Hive)
  • Stingers dining hall - main entrance

Remember to Update Your Talon Card

Update your Talon Card at a HotSpot to refresh your access. Hold your Talon Card up to the HotSpot until the flashing/beeping stops, then repeat every seven days. If you have a previous version of the KSU campus ID card, don’t worry, it still works, and you are not required to replace it.

Scrappy updating his Talon Card at a HotSpot