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Dear Friends of Kennesaw State University,

Welcome to our website. The Kennesaw State University Foundation (KSUF) strives to make information available in an easy format to those who have interest in KSUF’s activities. Available on this website are Annual Reports, Annual Audits, The Cornerstone Newsletters, KSUF Bylaws, and our mission statement.

The sole purpose of KSUF is to support the mission of Kennesaw State University and to manage the endowment and other assets of KSUF. State funds and tuition payments alone are not enough to pay for the things that make Kennesaw State University great. We welcome your interest and ask that you consider giving today to make a better Kennesaw State University tomorrow!


Jo Ann Chitty
The Kennesaw State University Foundation

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Since 1969, the Kennesaw State University Foundation has been committed to supporting Kennesaw State University. The KSU Foundation is driven to enhance education, create opportunities for students, faculty and staff to succeed as well as expan the horizons of Kennesaw State University.


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